Data processing

Designing your database to putting it to work! - Confidentiality is our first priority, upon receiving the database

Data Services: This is an important and essential element for the successes of target marketing. Transnorth postal provides a wide range of data processing solutions for your business. As an emerging postal company, we understand the intricacies of database processing and guarantee complete satisfaction.

Basic data solutions: Most companies have resources to perform the mail assembly work in-house such as spare manpower, which can be used for the job. But they may not have the essential data processing tools and are not able perform the address corrections, validations and data sort according to postal standards to obtain the maximum postage discount.

Forward your database to us and it will be processed for the following tasks, under the supervision of highly qualified database specialists using the most up to date information.

  • Analyses
  • Formatting
  • Address corrections & validations
  • Duplicates removal
  • Data files merge  & Kill file processing
  • Processing for presorts ( Machineable, LCP &  NDG)
  • NCOA (National Change of Address) processing.
  • Data conversion from paper to database format.

During this task, data file will be reviewed to determine the true data type. Completeness of required data elements such as street address, city, province/state and postal/zip codes etc., will be verified and issues requiring further processing will be processed, through internal established steps to rectify the data. A comprehensive report outlining the issues and corrections will be provided to the customer.

The data collection is achieved through various method and mediums, this often results in the incompatibility with data application programs. At the time data import data loss may result in data corruption, which jeopardizes on time delivery of mail.
Data conversions will be performed through recognized software based on the data analysis recommendations. Proper field allocations will be introduced since some databases consist of information in non corresponding fields such as street address in city field and postal codes in province field. This can result in rejection on automated postal processing and can also increase the transit time for many days, as those will be handled through manual sort at postal systems.  

Address correction & validation:
The subscribed and updated postal software enables us to correct the addresses such as postal codes street name etc. which produces an up-to-date and validated database according to Canada post standards and criteria. The software also generates the address accuracy report which is a Canada post requirement for mailings over 5,000 items of addressed admail, publication and incentive lettermail disposals.
Duplicates removal:  Our software base application removes duplicates, based on any chosen parameters such as Name, Company, Address, City and Postal codes. 

Data files merge  & Kill file processing :  The several files merge into one file is a complex job and removing the unwanted records from merge file using kill file becomes more complex. But our experience staff can perform the job with perfection though the software applications.

Processing for presorts (Machineable,  LCP &  NDG):
The address data sort as per postal criteria for Machineable to qualify mail items, results the lowest possible postage rate with Canada post.
LCP is high density sort which provides the high speed delivery as the sorting and bundling based on assigned codes allow post offices to by pass primary and secondary postal sort. This process also provides the postage discounts depending on the volume.
NDG sort is low density sort , if the database has national deliveries this sort will by pass the primary sort, will allow to obtain the standard postage discount.

NCOA (National Change of Address) processing :    This processing helps our customers to keep up-to-date their mailing lists. As the process updates the addresses and forward the mail to right address . If  the addressee has  requested the address change for his or her mail  items.

Data conversion from paper to database format:  We are fully equipped to convert the data list from paper form to any database format, such as excel, tab or comma delimited etc.